Being an Entrepreneur By Making Investment in Start-up.


Let’s small talk about entrepreneurs, Well an Entrepreneur is a person who makes money from their startup, or running a business to earn money, involves taking a financial risk.

That is the only theory that you will read or learn on google, but the most probable thing google will never tell you: life experience, hurdles, life investment, time, and money investment…… so on.

In practical life, being an Entrepreneur or Entrepreneurship is different.

As a random person, I am here to talk about all this stuff. Now, everyone will have asked me, probably not everyone, only those people who read this article later.

Who the hell are you?

Why should we listen to your advice?

And, finally, get lost…… ha-ha.

But my friends, I am not here to give you expertise or some advice,

I have come here write my opinion and want to discuss because I have been looking many years Entrepreneurs losing their startup and investments of money, time and life.

Let’s start,

When you are an ordinary person, you are a job person, and when you’re a job person, you invested 8 to 12 hours per day of your whole life in job shit to get started something new.

But hold on a second what I am looking that every second person around you loves the job because they are secure: fixed source of income at the end of the month, getting appraisals every year, getting awards and achievements.

Uhm…… We are proud of you. After playing dirty corporate politics, taking credits from hard work employees, and licking your boss shit……

Congratulation, you have been promoted and get rewarded for a perfect & sincere employee of the year……go and get fuck yourself in front of the mirror.

And, some billionaire said, “I am not afraid of a random person who is doing job & invested his 8 hours into it.

Instead, I am fucking afraid of someone who does nothing” because when you are a person who does nothing at all, might be some idea stuck in your shitty head instantly, and you get billionaire so, be careful of those people who do nothing.

Being an entrepreneur or want to become an Entrepreneur. Both are very crucial points at some stage somewhere in your life.

First of all, keeps in your mind, if you are weak-hearted and a small-minded person then, don’t be a part of entrepreneurship,


you don’t have the right to become an entrepreneur.

Because decision making at some point when your business or startup running fine drained you in vain (not suited for weak hearted people) or build your startup like OYO, perhaps you will be the first youngest millionaire/billionaire in the world.

Age doesn’t matter in Entrepreneur; at what age you are eligible to start a business or at what age you should earn money, remember age is the only number.

The only thing is a matter that’s your brain, your thought process, if you have a rich mindset and maturity in your thoughts, then you’re qualified to make your history that’s why I said in starting, small-minded people excuse us.


Now some serious talk

If you want to be an Entrepreneur

  • Firstly, get an idea, make sure the Idea must be unique. If you are trying to start anything that has already launched to the market, keep pressure on your mind until you find something new that makes your product different from other products.
  • You got an idea now what, be disciplined scheduled your time table and make a flowchart about

Why want you make this project your real intention behind your project?

What things do you want to make your project work out?

What are you going to do? And,

How it’s going to be done or work?

  • Startup by one person is hardy difficult. So, you want a team who makes your work easy, and I should probably figure out and wanna give you a little bit of advice, hire mostly girls for your team because they are hardworking and reliable.
  • Now extreme step, because this steps that I explained doesn’t require any god damn thing, the god damn thing is money.…… yes, it’s time to having invest money, time to do real shit, the money you are going to be invest could be your savings or bank loan or loan sharks.
  • Be careful before investing money, search extensively about your project, and carefully read all documents and articles about money invest in the startup.
  • Be careful of fake investors, forge, an ex-con man.
  • Never revealed all secrets or thoughts in front of your team members. Tell only those things that they should know, nothing less and nothing more.
  • Keep hardworking and consistent in your work, keep an eye on every member because you are not only invested money, you invested your precious time and life.
  • Do not too much strict and do not too loose.
  • Always pull yourself together.
  • Keep your mole in the center of your team to keep an eye on what happens between them. And what they are talking about behind your back. Because never trust anyone more than you.

All things established, do not lose your grip, do not be afraid of any hurdles, keep struggling with beauty on your face every day.




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